About me

  • I am a Ph.D. candidate at UC San Diego with a specialization in Intelligent Systems, Robotics & Control. My research advisor is Prof. Mohan M. Trivedi.
  • As part of the Laboratory for Intelligent & Safe Automobiles (LISA), I have been involved in the design, calibration and operation of heavily sensorized vehicular testbeds, real-world data collection and labelling, and the development and deployment of driver and vehicle safety algorithms.
  • My research interests span Computer Vision and Machine Learning, with a focus on object detection and tracking, human activity recognition, driver behavior analysis, and driver safety systems in general. I am also particularly interested in sensor fusion and multi-modal approaches for real time algorithms.
  • I received my Bachelor’s in Electronics & Communication Engineering at the National Institute of Technology, Silchar in India. My undergraduate research advisor was Prof. Jayasree Chakraborty.

Latest News

  • I will be a keynote speaker at the Data Driven Intelligent Vehicle Applications workshop at IEEE IV 2021. More details to follow.
  • Our team at LISA has been hard at work with the Amazon ML Solutions Lab to create a unique video dataset to enable the next generation of automotive computer vision models. We plan to provide high-quality video data, fine-grained vehicle and roadway attributes, high accuracy localization and much more! You can read more about our progress so far in this blog post.